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JGSCO Officers

Debbie Schwartz - President
Debbie Schwartz HeadshotDebbie grew up in the midwest US with a single mom and three siblings, but no extended relatives.  From an early age, she was determined to find out who were those relatives that called occasionally but rarely visited; why one grandmother had six babies, but only one lived; and why certain topics were forbidden.  Debbie knew relatively little about her ancestry until 2010.  Since then, she's been able to acquire abundant evidence to about 1800 for most of her eight great grandparents, all of whom were born in Lithuania, Poland, or Belarus.  She moved from Boston to Boulder in 2011, taking her educational-publishing career with her.

Linda Weinstein - Vice-President Programs

Linda Weinstein Headshot Linda is the JGSCO Vice President for Programs. Linda has been researching her family for over 22 years.  She became interested in old family stories from her grandmother and started asking questions of her living relatives.  She is very close to her family and loves to connect to new relatives and share old photos and memories.  She primarily grew up in Florida but moved to Highlands Ranch in 1993.  She is a Registered Pharmacist, enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, including her golden retriever, whom she is training to be a therapy dog to visit nursing homes and hospitals.



Elaine Levy - VP Membership
Elaine LevyElaine has been interested in “Where are we from?” since she was about 7 or 8 years old. She didn’t get much info then. She discovered JGSCO about 5 years ago when she attended a meeting where Ellen Kowitt, then JGSCO President, was a guest speaker. She became a member immediately. Learning many research methods, she was able to discover the “real name" of her maternal grandfather as well as where he was born and married. Elaine was also able to find the Ellis Island records of lots of family members.

Elaine owned a small business for 30 years, but is now retired. She enjoys hiking, skiing, reading and knitting. Elaine loves history, particularly Colorado history. She was born in Ohio, but has lived in Colorado since 1970, eight years of which were spent in Breckenridge where Elaine's father-in-law was born. Elaine has three grown children and four grandkids, all of whom live in Colorado.


Arlene Baldwin - Secretary
Arlene Baldwin
Arlene is a native of Burbank, California.  She moved to Nederland. Colorado, in 1994 and now lives in Niwot, CO.  She has been interested in learning about her parents and their families since she was a child.  Knowing there were family secrets, Arlene quietly began digging for pieces of information in her early twenties.  In the winter of 2000, Arlene's maternal uncle located her and her older sister Bonnie and traveled to Colorado and Arkansas to bring the three of them together.  That was the first time Arlene saw a picture of her mother.
Since then, she has discovered her paternal family surname, her grandfather's name and place of birth and her great grandparent's names.  She is currently focused on researching her German, Polish and Russian ancestors.
Arlene retired from Human Resources management and administration and is the owner of Arlene's Glorious Alpacas, located in Loveland, CO.  She is planning on attending the IAJGS Conference in Warsaw, Poland in the summer of 2018.

Barry Levene - Treasurer
Barry Levine HeadshotBarry has been a member of JGSCO since 2006 and served as Secretary for one year and Treasurer from 2008-2012.  In addition to the responsibilities related to the financial matters of JGSCO, he works closely with the Membership Vice-President in maintaining the directory of active members.
Barry’s genealogical research interests focus on his grandparents who immigrated to the United States from Latvia, Belarus, and Lithuania. He is member of the Latvian and Litvak Special Interest Groups of JewishGen.  With an unusual history of grandparents living and working in small towns in Mississippi and North Carolina, he has developed an interest in Jewish history in the South, particularly along the Mississippi River delta.  He has also helped his mother-in-law trace her family history and has mentored other JGSCO members.
Now retired, Barry worked for over 30 years as an environmental engineer with US Environmental Protection Agency, starting in air pollution control programs and completing his career as a supervisor of Superfund toxic waste site cleanup programs across six Rocky Mountain States.  He and his wife have two sons and three grandchildren.  He enjoys reading, writing, hiking, biking, gardening, and birding, and also volunteers at the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Bluff Lake Nature Center.

Gail Marcus - Past President
Gail Marcus HeadshotGail is a retired French teacher who keeps her foot in the classroom door by substituting by request only and tutoring struggling students. She enjoys playing with her cat Fanny, traveling, doing crossword puzzles, reading, attending theater and the cinema and being politically active. She is relatively new to genealogy and began tracing her family just a few years ago.

Gail's Colorado roots began in 1882 when her maternal great-uncle, Charles Prezant, settled in Cotapaxi Colorado with around 60 other Jewish immigrants. The Cotapaxi Colony lasted only 2 years so Charles and his family moved to Denver. Twenty years later he sponsored his sister and brother-in-law, Yetta and Shea Levitt, and their very young family. Gail's bubbie and zadie came from Kovel, Ukraine and lived at 1528 Dale Ct., off of lower W. Colfax.

Gail's paternal grand-parents Celia and Charles Marcus came to Denver in 1905. They were early members of Temple Emanuel and owned a tailor shop at 925 E. 11th Avenue in Denver. Celia's brother, Morris Barmatz, was a patient at JCRS, which is why she and her new husband moved to Denver from the sweatshops of N.Y. The rest of her siblings weren't far behind! Celia's family is from Brest Litovsk, Belarus.