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Are you interested in researching Jewish family history and looking for a local network of experts and enthusiasts? We’re here to help by providing programs, support, and guidance to find and use resources located in Colorado and throughout the world. Please take a look through our website and contact us with any questions you have.
We encourage all levels of research from beginner to advanced to participate and share their knowledge. Take a look at the How to Get Started page where you’ll find useful information for all levels of research, and check out upcoming programs on the right side of this page. Guests are always welcome. We meet once a month in Denver or Boulder on Sunday mornings generally, at 10 am, from September through June.
JGSCO is a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers. Suggested annual dues of $30 per individual or $40 per household support the administration of the group including speaker and venue fees, website, and operations. Join here.

Celebrating National DNA Month with Greg Liverman

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. Because we are not able to present our April program in a group setting, we hope to present "Celebrating National DNA Month with Greg Liverman" via a video conference. Stay tuned for more details on how to join the video conference.

"Celebrating National DNA Month with Greg Liverman"
Sunday, April 19, 2020 
The lecture starts at 10:00  A.M. 


1. Review updates in Ethnicity tests (23andMe, Ancestry, FTDNA)
  •         How to compare your results to your paper trail;
  •         Why have these changes and why they may not be the same as your paper trail
2. New/Updated test and/or reports, both at major testing companies and third party sites (Genetic Affairs, etc...)

3. Forensic Genetic Genealogy: GEDmatch and FTDNA allow the use of their databases for Forensic Genetic Genealogy. Each have opt-in/opt-out policies.  GEDmatch recently opened their entire database last fall to law enforcement, including tests that had opted out of law enforcement matching in response to a subpoena. 
  •          What does this mean?
4. Y-DNA SNP Trees: Several Y-DNA projects are using this to tie Y-DNA mutations to specific patriarchs.
  •           How is this done;
  •           What does it take to do it for your lineage;
  •           What can you learn
5. Are DNA tests still popular and are databases still growing?

Greg LivermanGreg Liverman has been researching family history since the 1990's working with both online and on-the-ground records in many states and foreign countries. He brings his experience as a TV journalist, scientist and information technology professional to bear on genealogy research problems. Since the use of DNA testing exploded in the last decade, Greg has focused on understanding and teaching the best practices for DNA testing and analysis.

Greg and his wife, Wendy Dillenschneider launched Pinewood Genealogy to help others with their research and genetic genealogy (DNA) analysis. Pinewood Genealogy has developed a library of over twenty different lectures and classes covering a wide variety of genealogical topics. 

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19 April 2020
9:30 am to 12:00 pm
Celebrating National DNA Month with Greg Liverman
webConference - details to be provided

17 May 2020
9:30 am to 12:00 pm
Brunch & Cooking Demonstration Syrian Jewish Community with Sarina Roffe (may be revised)
WebConference - details to be provided

7 June 2020
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Annual Meeting with Brunch, Elections & Sharing Success Stories
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Date is subject to change.